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23.04.2018 13:01
Ukraine, Nikolaev

52 years old, 2 children

natalya, Ukraine, Nikolaev, 52 years old, 2 children

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natalya was online 10.02.2015 18:53
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About me

Beautiful middle-aged woman from Ukraine wants to meet with a man secured from Europe or North America for serious relationship and marriage, birth and parenting

Height 160 sm. (5' 3")

Weight 70 kg. (31.75 Pounds)

Sign of the zodiac: Gemini

2 children

Son, living with me

Daughter, living with me

Physique normal
Ethnicity, Nationality european
Smoking I do not smoke
Drinking habits I rarely drink in companies
Education not completed higher education
Habitation Separate flat (rented or own)
Economic conditions constant average income
Violations of the law I do not judge
Religious beliefs christianity
Political opinions Другие